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We are always looking for people who can bring new perspectives and life experiences to our teams. If you’re looking for a place that values your curiosity, passion, and desire to learn, if you’re seeking colleagues who are big thinkers eager to take on fresh challenges as a team, then your future is at Verbosec.

[tek_process ps_template_style=”process-checkbox-template” ps_elements=”process_four_elem”][tek_process_single pss_title=”Submit a job application” pss_description=”Note that the most successful candidates possess the required skills and experience for the role they’ve applied for.” pss_display_number=”process_number_on” pss_number=”1″ pss_icon_type=”custom_image” pss_image=”17568″ pss_background_type=”custom_bg_color” pss_custom_link=”#”][tek_process_single pss_title=”Review of applications” pss_description=”If selected to advance in the process, you’ll hear from our human resource office.” pss_display_number=”process_number_on” pss_number=”2″ pss_icon_type=”custom_image” pss_image=”17560″ pss_background_type=”default_bg_color” pss_custom_link=”#”][tek_process_single pss_title=”Have a conversation with our HR team.” pss_description=”If selected to advance in the process, you’ll speak with someone on our recruiting team to learn more about the role you’ve applied for and what it’s like to work at Verbosec.” pss_display_number=”process_number_on” pss_number=”3″ pss_icon_type=”custom_image” pss_image=”17561″ pss_background_type=”default_bg_color” pss_custom_link=”#”][tek_process_single pss_title=”Have a phone or video interview with a hiring manager or team member.” pss_description=”These interviews aim to evaluate your interest in and ability to do the day-to-day work of the role we’re hiring for.” pss_display_number=”process_number_on” pss_number=”4″ pss_icon_type=”custom_image” pss_image=”17562″ pss_background_type=”default_bg_color” pss_custom_link=”#”][/tek_process]
[tek_process ps_template_style=”process-checkbox-template” ps_elements=”process_four_elem”][tek_process_single pss_title=”Come onsite for in-person interviews with potential teammates, managers and cross-functional partners.” pss_description=”The hiring team gets a chance to get to know you—and you get a chance to get to know Verbosec. We’ll arrange travel and accommodations for your visit to one of our global offices.” pss_display_number=”process_number_on” pss_number=”5″ pss_icon_type=”custom_image” pss_image=”17563″ pss_background_type=”custom_bg_color” pss_custom_link=”#”][tek_process_single pss_title=”Be patient as we consider your interview performance, skills and experience.” pss_description=”Then, everyone you’ve interviewed with submits their feedback and we assess whether you’d be successful in the role we’re hiring for – or if there’s another role at Verbosec that makes sense for you.” pss_display_number=”process_number_on” pss_number=”6″ pss_icon_type=”custom_image” pss_image=”17564″ pss_background_type=”default_bg_color” pss_custom_link=”#”][tek_process_single pss_title=”Get feedback from your recruiter + discuss next steps.” pss_description=”You’ll hear from your recruiter to review how your interview went and any next steps.” pss_display_number=”process_number_on” pss_number=”7″ pss_icon_type=”custom_image” pss_image=”17565″ pss_background_type=”default_bg_color” pss_custom_link=”#”][tek_process_single pss_title=”If offered the job, accept it!” pss_description=”Smart decision. You’re about to go to work with a bunch of really smart people, tackle some big problems and help bring the world closer together.” pss_display_number=”process_number_on” pss_number=”8″ pss_icon_type=”custom_image” pss_image=”17566″ pss_background_type=”default_bg_color” pss_custom_link=”#”][/tek_process]
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