Future of Mobile Payments

How top teams are updating their legacy systems with more secure and efficient solutions.

Change in payments is in overdrive, and will only get faster. Traditional payments players are being squeezed from all sides.

Mobile Payments devices

Imagine a future where cars can automatically research and renew their insurance, use onboard driving and performance data to find a deal tailored to the driver's history and where insurers offer discounts to good drivers traveling shorter distances in the urban area.


Or a world where connected kitchens automatically re-order groceries as they are consumed, then link to a Fitbit to report on weekly diet and exercise performance.

The connected world of much-discussed Internet of Things (IoT) is not only possible - the technology to create is already here. Powered by increasingly inexpensive and ubiquitous connectivity, all that remains is to deploy it at scale.


Transition into mobile payments

Overhauling existing payments infrastructures is a must for payments players today. Replacing inflexible systems with open and agile frameworks is key to compete.