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Why Choose Verbosec for Your Hosting Needs?
Effortless Website Management
Take control of your website with our user-friendly web hosting portal. Manage domains, files, databases, and more with ease. The Verbosec portal empowers you to navigate and customize your hosting environment effortlessly.
Robust Security Measures
Rest easy knowing your website is protected by advanced security. Benefit from DDoS protection, malware scanning, and regular backups. Our commitment to security ensures that your website is shielded from online threats, providing a safe and secure hosting environment.
Scalability and Blazing Fast Performance
Our servers, equipped with lightning-fast SSD hard drives, ensure rapid data retrieval and minimized loading times. Take advantage of our free CDN and support for HTTP/3 protocol, providing your website visitors with a seamless and swift browsing experience.
The VERBOSEC promise

Whether you need a simple blog, want to highlight your business, sell products through an eCommerce website, or need an enterprise-level, powerhouse machine for a custom application, we have an option for you.

More customers are making the switch to Verbosec Hosting to take advantage of our ultra-fast hosting and high-quality support all at affordable prices.

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Frequently asked questions

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At Verbosec, all hosting plans – except Single – come with a free domain when ordering for one year or a longer period.

If you already have a domain from another registrar, simply point it to Verbosec nameservers. Keeping your hosting account and domain under one web hosting company makes it easier to manage your website and troubleshoot issues.

Web hosting is a service that makes your website available on the internet. The hosting service provides a secure online space to store your website’s files: the code, images, text, and other content. Simply put, you need a hosting plan to make your site up and accessible for everyone.

The most popular website hosting services for both personal and business use include:

  • Shared hosting. Multiple websites are hosted on a single server, and each user gets a certain amount of storage space and resources. Shared hosting is the most affordable option, making it an excellent choice for beginners and bloggers.
  • WordPress hosting. It works similarly to shared hosting. The difference is, Managed WordPress hosting plans offer plenty of tools and features to optimize your WordPress website for speed and performance, and facilitate site maintenance.
  • VPS hosting. This type of web hosting service divides a physical server into several virtual machines, powering each user with dedicated resources and full root access. Virtual private server (VPS) hosting plans are more geared toward tech-savvy users who need more power and control.
  • Cloud hosting. In this setup, websites run on multiple virtual servers, reducing possible downtime and hardware failure. Cloud hosting plans are ideal if you need stable website uptime and performance, for example, if you are a freelancer web developer with many clients.

Yes, we offer free unlimited website migration with no downtime.

Before moving WordPress websites from other hosting companies to Verbosec, secure one of our managed WordPress hosting plans first. After that, access cPanel to submit a request for automatic website migration or manually transfer your website’s files.

If you don’t use a typical CMS or need help along the way, our Customer Success team will guide you through the process at no additional cost.

Web hosting is a service that stores websites and makes them accessible on the internet. On the other hand, a domain name is essentially a website’s address, such as hostinger.com. Both are crucial elements for building a fully functional website.

Without a hosting plan, you need to transform your computer into a website server, which requires deep technical understanding and hefty maintenance costs. Without domains, users have to use an IP address to visit your website, which is harder to remember and simply unpractical.

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