Verbosec Partners with Huawei for Technological Innovation

Huawei product lineup

We’re thrilled to announce that Verbosec has entered a strategic partnership with Huawei, a global leader in technology. Through a recently inked Sales Partner Cooperation Agreement, Verbosec gains official access to procure a wide array of Huawei products and services through Huawei’s subsidiary in Botswana, known as HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES (BOTSWANA) Proprietary Limited.

Huawei Enterprise partner

This collaboration opens up a world of possibilities for our customers. As an authorized partner, Verbosec will now offer Huawei’s cutting-edge consumer products, including smartphones, accessories, audio devices, wearables, and more. Moreover, we’re geared up to provide robust business solutions encompassing Data Storage, Enterprise Networking, Datacenter solutions, and beyond.

“This collaboration is a significant step in our commitment to technological advancement in Botswana. By joining forces with Huawei, we not only bring top-notch products to our customers but also contribute to the nation’s journey into the 4th industrial revolution. It aligns seamlessly with our Connect2Change mission, aiming to bridge technological gaps and empower individuals and businesses.”

Randall Newman, CEO of Verbosec, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership

Visit our Huawei Botswana Brand Store at verbosec.com/huawei to explore and experience the latest from Huawei. Embrace innovation with Verbosec – Your Gateway to Technological Excellence!

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