Verbosec Elevates Cybersecurity Standards with Kaspersky

Verbosec has joined forces with Kaspersky

We are thrilled to announce that Verbosec has joined forces with Kaspersky, a globally renowned cybersecurity and antivirus provider, as a Registered Partner. This strategic alliance marks a significant milestone in our commitment to fortifying digital landscapes and aligns seamlessly with our mission to foster positive change through technology.

Kaspersky Verbosec Partnership certificate
Kaspersky certificate for Verbosec

Enhanced Product Offerings

Verbosec is now proud to feature a range of cutting-edge Kaspersky products on our platform. From robust home solutions, including Standard, Plus, and Premium packages, to comprehensive business solutions tailored for small-medium enterprises and corporate clients, our collaboration brings world-class cybersecurity within easy reach.

Bulk Solutions for Corporate Clients

Corporate clients are invited to connect with us directly for seamless access to bulk purchasing options for Kaspersky products and services. Whether you’re safeguarding your personal devices or fortifying your business network, Verbosec, in tandem with Kaspersky, ensures top-tier protection against evolving cyber threats.

Connect2Change Mission

This partnership resonates deeply with our Connect2Change initiative, which aims to bridge the digital divide and empower individuals and businesses through innovative technological solutions. By offering Kaspersky’s advanced cybersecurity solutions, we are not just securing digital spaces but actively contributing to the resilience of our connected communities.

At Verbosec, we believe in the transformative power of technology, and through partnerships like these, we continue to drive positive change in the digital realm. Stay tuned for exciting developments as we work together with Kaspersky to create a safer and more secure online environment for all.

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